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Herbal Extract 
(Botanical Name)
Grade Avaliable Part of Plant Major Application
Acai Berry extract 
(Euterpe oleracea)
5:1,10:1, 20:1,(70% Ethanol Extraction, without carrier) by TLC Fruit Weight loss
Ginko bioloba extract 
(Ginkgo biloba L.)
24% Ginkgoflavoglycosides ; 6% Terpene Lactones By UV/HPLC Leaf Memory and concentration enhancer
( Turnera aphrodisiaca)
10:1,20;1 Root Enhance sexual,Stimulant
(Sambucus williamsii Hance)
Anthocyanins 10% HPLC (Cyanidin as R.S. sample) (EP8.0)/Anthocyanin 25% Fruit Antioxidant, anticancer, boost the immune system
Saw Palmetto extract 
(Serenoa repens )
Total Fatty Acids 90%,45%,25%GC Fruit Prostate enlargement, increase testosterone level and reduce hair loss
Grape seed extract 95% 
(Vitis vinifera )
Proanthocyanidins > 95% By UV Seed Anti-oxidant, anti cancer
Green Tea extract 
( Camellia sinensis )
Total EGCG 40% , 70% HPLC Leaf Antioxidant, Cancer, Weight loss
Silymarin extract 
(Silybum marianum)
Content of Si1ybin+ Isosilybiri Seed Hepato protective
Panax Ginseng 
( Panax Ginseng C.A.Meyer )
Total Ginsenosides 20% UV Root and stems Improve thinking, memory enhancer, physical stamina, athletic endurance
Bilberry Extract 
(Vaccinium myrtillus L)
Anthocyanins 1-25% UV Fruit Antioxidant, Eye health, Heart Health
Cranberry Extract 
(Vaccinium Macrocarpon L)
Proanthocyanidins 25% HPLC Berry Antioxidant, anticancer, , anti-diabetes, Urinary Tract Infections
Gaurana Extract 
(Paullina Cupana)
10 - 22% Caffeine Hplc Seed Soft drinks, fat loss,sports nutrition drinks
(Rauwolfia Canescens)
4:1 ,10:1 Root Antihypertension , Anticancer , Anti-diabetic
Aloe Vera Ext 
(Aloe barbadensis)
100X , 200:1 Leaf Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement
Hoodia Cessentis 
(Hoodia Gordonii)
30:1 TLC  (70 % Ethanol extraction), 50:1 TLC (85 % Ethanol extraction) Stem Weight loss
Devil’s Claw Extract  
(Harpagophytum rocumbens)
1.7 % harpagoside UV Herb Analgesic, antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory
Rosemary Extract 
(Rosmarinus officinalis)
5%-30% Rosmarinic acid; 10%-95% Carnosic Acid HPLC Leaves Antioxidant
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