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Nutritional Supplements L-arabinose powder 99%

Nutritional Supplements L-arabinose powder 99%

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Nutritional Supplements L-arabinose powder

Product name: L-Arabinose

Synonyms: L-(+)-Arabinose; L-Arabinopyranose

Molecular Formula: C5H10O5

Molecular Weight:150.13

CAS Registry Number: 87-72-9

Appearance: White crystalline powder, odorless

Assay: 99% min

L Arabinose is a kind of aldopentoses, it's a low-calurie sweetener, it inhibits the sucrase activity and prevents increasing of blood glucose,

therefore, it can prevent fat accumulation and against high blood glucose disease.L Arabinose is more common than D-arabinose in nature,

it can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, preparing culture medium and be used for synthesis in the flavour industry.


1.L-arabinose molecular structure is stable, not under high temperature decomposition, it can be used in baked goods.

2. The addition of L-arabinose to biscuits can inhibit the absorption of sucrose so that people can reduce the obesity caused by high-sugar biscuits.

3. As L-arabinose molecular structure contains aldehyde groups, belonging to reducing monosaccharides, when it is mixed with sucrose to prepare bakery products, the amino acids,

proteins and other substances in the dough will Maillard browning reaction, so that baking The flavor of the product is more unique, the color is more beautiful.

4. The addition of L-arabinose to fried foods such as fried chicken, roasted chicken, barbecue, etc. will give it a richer scent and attractive color.


1.Arabinose can take metabolic role to sucrose in the intestines, and can stop the conversion.

2.Arabinose has very good application future to reduce weight and control diabetes. .

3.Arabinose, as a low calorie sweetener, is approved to be used as a safe food additive by US FDA and Japan.

4.Arabinose is a non-calorie natural compound sweetener, and it is good to anti-obesity, prevention & cure.

Main Function

1. anti-inflammation, pain and rheumatism.
2. antioxidant.
3. promote assimilation.
4. regulate immunity


1. It is used as pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff.
2. It is used in beverage for health care.
3. It is used as healthy food additive.

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