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Rou Cong Rong  (Cistanche)Extract

Rou Cong Rong (Cistanche)Extract

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 What is Cistanche Extract:
Cistanche is a parasitic plant in the root of ammodendron ammodendron, which absorbs nutrients and water from sacsaoul.
Difference between the Cistanche Deserticola & Cistanche Tubulosa.:
1.Cistanche Tubulosa:

Cistanche Tubulosa parasitized at the root of tamarisk,It's very hard t after dry.
The content of echinoside and ergoside in the fresh stanche tubulosa varies from 1.5g to 4g in 100g, the higher the age, the more the content will decrease with the loss of water.
Due to the high content of active ingredients, it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. The main raw material of general drugs is cistanche tubulosa.
2.Cistanche Deserticola:
 Cistanche Deserticola  was born in the root of tamarisk, because of the composition of polysaccharide, it is very soft after drying.
The content of echinoside in desert cistanche deserticola was about 0.3g in 100g. Due to scarce production, the market price is slightly higher than tubinghua deserticola
Because product is oily big, boiled water after brewing, hair black, successive brewing color is still yellow for many times. More consumers think the effect will be better, so the general pharmacy selection is more extensive.
Basic Information:
Commodity: Cistanche Deserticola Extract & Cistanche Tubulosa Extract
Specification: 10%-50%
Colors:Yellow Brown
Test Method: HPLC/UV

Method of the Extraction:
Cistanche Tubulosa→ add water → stir well → filter → separate → Extract →
→Dry powder → packaging →crushing → vacuum evaporation.
The Value of Cistanche Tubulosa Extract:
Glycosides of Cistanche:(10%20% 50% 80%)
Regulate endocrine, promote metabolism and strengthen function. Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

Echinacoside:( 10% 20%30%)
Echinoside is one of the extracts from cistanche tubulosa,
which is the best ingredient of kidney tonifying and Yang strengthening.

Verbascoside :(10%)
Improve impotence and premature ejaculation,improve sexual performance
Cistanche Polysaccharide :( 30%)
Regulate endocrine, promote metabolism and strengthen function.
1)Regulate endocrine, promote metabolism and strengthen function
2)Anti-aging function
3)Improve impotence and premature ejaculation
4)Protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
5) improve sexual performance
  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Nutraceuticals
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Food
Certificate Of Analysis:
Item Specification Unit Result
Appearance Powder
Color Yellow brown
Ingredient: Glycosides of Cistanche:(10%20% 50% 80%)
Echinacoside:( 10% 20%30%)
Verbascoside :(10%)
Cistanche Polysaccharide :( 30%)
Extract Solvents Alcohol &water
Lead <1 mg/Kg <1
Arsenic <0.5 mg/Kg <0.5
Cadmium <0.5 mg/Kg  
Mercury <0.5 mg/Kg <0.5
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g <10
Yeast / Mould <100 cfu/g <10
E.Coli ND   ND

Main Function

1. anti-inflammation, pain and rheumatism.
2. antioxidant.
3. promote assimilation.
4. regulate immunity


1. It is used as pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff.
2. It is used in beverage for health care.
3. It is used as healthy food additive.

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