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Hot sale!Blue Spirulina Powder Phycocyanin E18

Hot sale!Blue Spirulina Powder Phycocyanin E18


What is Phycocyanin Powder :
Phycocyanin is a dark blue powder isolated from spirulina. It is not only a protein, but also an excellent natural food pigment, and also a good health food.
Basic Information:
Commodity: Phycocyanin Powder
Specification: E18-E25
Test Method: HPLC

The difference of the phycocyanin :
1)phycocyanin E18:30% trehalose, 5% sodium citrate.
Mainly used as natural blue pigment in food and other fields, it is a conventional and common specification in the world at present, with large output and high cost performance
  1. natural food coloring.
  2. Medical and health food
  3. Cosmetics (Anti - oxidation, moisturizing anti - allergy, freckle)
  4. Application in agriculture (antivirus activity)

2) High purity phycocyanin E25 : 
5% sodium citrate,  0% trehalose, high cyanin content.
Phycocyanin has the functions of preventing cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-allergy and maintaining ovaries.
The main ingredient is C- phycocyanin, is about 80%.
3)Liquid phycocyanin E3:
phycocyanin E3.0 is a blue liquid in the honey state. It is more convenient to use. Phycocyanin is a dark blue viscous liquid isolated from spirulina.
4)Pharmaceutical grade phycocyanin E25:
Medical and health food
5)Food grade phycocyanin E18
Natural food coloring.
1)Lower cholesterol
2)Regulate blood sugar
3)Strengthen the immune system
4)Protect intestines and stomach
5) Cure anemia
6)Anti - cancer, anti - bacterial, anti - radiation


  1. Pharmaceuticals (capsule)
  2. Nutraceuticals (tablet granule)
  3. Cosmetics (face marks)
  4. Food
  5. Natural food color

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