Crospovidone CAS#25249-54-1

Crospovidone CAS#25249-54-1

Appearance: This product is white or almost white powder; it is almost odorless; it is hygroscopic. This product is insoluble in water, ethanol, dichloromethane, chloroform or ether.

Uses: pharmaceutical excipients, disintegrants and fillers, etc.

Preparation and application

Disintegrant: Because crospovidone has strong water swelling and excellent disintegration properties, it is called the three super disintegrants together with croscarmellose sodium and croscarmellose sodium. It is mainly used as a disintegrant for tablets, but also as a disintegrant and filler for pills, granules and hard capsules. The concentration of crospovidone used in direct compression and dry or wet granulation and compression processes is generally 2% to 5%. Tablets compressed with this product as a disintegrant have high hardness, smooth and beautiful appearance, short disintegration time limit, high dissolution rate, strong stability, and will not change over time.

Cross-linked povidone can also be used as a dissolution accelerator to greatly increase the dissolution rate of the solid preparation. The use of co-evaporation technology can increase the solubility of poorly soluble drugs: first, the appropriate solvent is used to adsorb the drug on crospovidone, and then the solvent is evaporated. This technology can achieve a faster dissolution rate. In addition, crospovidone has excellent reworkability, which is particularly important in rework production. No additional disintegrant is needed, dissolution is not affected, and production is convenient.

Drug sustained-release carrier: crospovidone has physical and chemical adsorption effects on drugs, and can control the release rate of drugs. For example: By blending iodine and crospovidone porous particles in a dry state, iodine can be slowly released.

Micronized crospovidone can be used as a stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions.

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