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Hot sale Dark Tea Powder Instant dark tea extract

Hot sale Dark Tea Powder Instant dark tea extract

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Product Description
Ingredient:  Polyphenols
Specification: 20%
Color:  Dark Brown Fine  Powder
English name: dark tea extract
Latin Name: Camellia sinensis 
Active ingredients: Polyphenols
Specification: 10% polyphenols
Use Part : Leaf
Appearance: deep brown fine powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh
Test Method: UV

Dark tea is a popular tea in China,even in the whole world. The reason is that dark tea contains many active ingredients, which
are beneficial for human beings' healthy and body.


1, the excitatory effects: tea caffeine excited the central nervous system, help people to boost morale, enhance thinking,
eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency.

2, a diuretic effect: caffeine and theophylline in tea has a diuretic effect, for the treatment of edema, water stagnation tumor.
Detoxification tea syrup, the diuretic effects of the treatment of acute jaundice hepatitis.

3, cardiac spasm: caffeine has a strong heart and spasm, the efficacy of the relaxation of smooth muscle to relieve bronchospasm,
promote blood circulation, is a good supplementary drug treatment of bronchial asthma, cough and phlegm, myocardial infarction.

4, inhibition of atherosclerosis effect: the role of tea polyphenols and vitamin C have blood circulation to prevent
atherosclerosis. Of regular tea, the lower the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

5, Antibacterial, antimicrobial effects: tea polyphenols and tannic acid effect in bacteria, solidified the bacterial protein,
will kill the bacteria. For the treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, enteritis, etc.. Skin
sores, ulcers pus, trauma broken skin, wash affected area with tea, anti-inflammatory sterilization. Oral inflammation, ulcers,
sore throat, with tea to treat, but also have a certain effect.


1.Application in food field : Tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant widely application in food industry field ;used in all kinds of alcohol drink

2.As natural additive used in cosmetics and daily necessities field: Have strong antibacterial function and inhibitory enzyme

Main Function

1. anti-inflammation, pain and rheumatism.
2. antioxidant.
3. promote assimilation.
4. regulate immunity


1. It is used as pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff.
2. It is used in beverage for health care.
3. It is used as healthy food additive.

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