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Natural Turmeric Root Extract Powder Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 98%

Natural Turmeric Root Extract Powder Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 98%

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What is Turmeric Extract:
Curcumin is a chemical component extracted from the roots and stems of some plants in the araceae family.
curcumin contains about 3%~6%. It is a rare pigment with diketone in the plant kingdom.

Basic Information:
Commodity: Turmeric Extract
Specification:, Tetrahydrocurcumin 98%
Colors:Orange White
Test Method: HPLC

Method of the Extraction:
Turmeic root → add water → stir well → filter → separate → Extract →
→Dry powder → packaging →crushing → Tetrahydrocurcumin 98%

Tetrahydrocurcumin 98% :
Tetrahydrocurcumin is based on curcumin, which is hydrogenated through hydrogenation technology to produce tetrahydrocurcumin.
Tetrahydrocurcumin is one of the most perfect curcumin products and the most effective variety.

1)Anti-oxidation effect
2)Anti-aging function
3)Enhance the immune regulatory effect
4)To inhibit inflammatory response, anti - oxidation, anti - rheumatoid effect
5) Lowering blood fat and anti-oxidation



Certificate Of Analysis:
Item Specification Unit Result
Appearance Powder
Color white
Ingredient:  tetrahydro curcumin 98%
Extract Solvents Alcohol
Lead <1 mg/Kg <1
Arsenic <0.5 mg/Kg <0.5
Cadmium <0.5 mg/Kg  
Mercury <0.5 mg/Kg <0.5
Total Plate Count <1000 cfu/g <10
Yeast / Mould <100 cfu/g <10
E.Coli ND   ND

Main Function

1. anti-inflammation, pain and rheumatism.
2. antioxidant.
3. promote assimilation.
4. regulate immunity


1. It is used as pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff.
2. It is used in beverage for health care.
3. It is used as healthy food additive.

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