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Top grade cosmetics grade naturalSkin Whitening 99% Sepiwhite Powder Sepiwhite Msh Powder Sepiwhite Powder This product is 100% safe and scientific findings and dermatological tests have proven Sepiwhite to be fast, safe and effective in controlling skin problems such as:
-Age spots
-Sun spots


Hormonal disorders due to birth control pills and pregnancy, According to PGBeautyGroomingScience, "In vitro testing shows that undecylenoyl phenylalanine works differently than other topical ingredients for spot reduction. Currently, niacinamide and N-acetyl glucosamine work by interrupting the melanin synthesis pathway

Sepiwhite Powder works as an MSH (melanin stimulating hormone) antagonist, preventing the melanin synthesis from starting."

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Shipping Terms
 By Express  By Air  By Sea
 Suitable for under 10KG
 Fast : 3-5 day
 High cost
 Door to door service
 Picking up goods easily
 Suitable for under 50KG
 Fast : 5-7 day
 High cost
 Port to port
 Professional broker needed
 Suitable for large quantity
 Slow : 7-45 day
 Low cost
 Port to port
 Professional broker needed


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