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black wolfberry Anthocyanin 25% From Black Wolfberry Extract For Improve Sleep


Product Description

Product Name: Black Goji Berry Extract
Form: Powder
Appearance : Dark purple fine powder
Part Used : Fruit

Active ingredient: Anthocyanin

Specification: Anthocyanin 30%

Test Method : TLC

Mesh Size : 80 Mesh

Other specifications: 

Black wolfberry extract powder  10:1  20:1  30:1


Shelf life: 2 Years

Storage: Cool dry place


Black goji berry is a magical biological resource. The rare Black Goji, or Black Wolfberry, originates in the Himalayan Mountains in Central Asia where it is revered for its health

benefits. The fruit may be eaten fresh, dried or made into a tea, and just a few dried fruits

added to water will turn it vivid purple.


Black Goji Berry Extract contains vitamins A, C and E, and includes some essential fatty acids which are unusual in fruits. They also have large amounts of proanthocyanidins, apowerful antioxidant that removes free radicals from cells similar to cranberries or grape seeds. The round fruit starts green and matures to purple and black when fully ripe. Black

goji is a shrub that reaches 4-6’ tall. The leaves are light gray to greenish and fleshy; the branches have thorns. It is self-fertile and fruits ripen in summer to early fall.


Black Goji Berry Extract is rich in nutrition ingredients and medicine care active ingredients. According the research ,the black goji berry protein, wolfberry polysaccharides, amino acids (18), vitamins (13 kinds), minerals, trace elements and other nutrients, is rich in unique natural procyanidins OPC (crabapple medlar contains no), procyanidins is one of the most effective natural water-soluble free radical scavenger, is its role 20 times that of VC, VE 50 times, the procyanidins content even 10 times more than blueberries, can very good play the role of anti-aging, beauty skin care.Black Chinese wolfberry fruit growth conditions, yield, scarce bubble drink black fruit of Chinese wolfberry, enjoy the essence of heaven and earth,

even drink for days, rosy, fine swan.


Product Certificate
 Product name Specification    Method
black wolfberry extract 25% HPLC
Item Specification Result
Physical control
Appearance Brown red powder Complies
Odor Characteristic Complies
Particle Size 100% pass 80 mesh Complies
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% 3.25%


Chemical Control
Total Heavy Metals ≤20ppm Complies
Ash ≤2ppm Complies
Lead ≤2ppm Complies
Arsenic ≤2ppm Complies
Residue of Pesticide Complies
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g Complies
Yeast&Mold ≤100cfu/g Complies
E.coil Negative Complies
Salmonella Negativev Complies
Staphylococcus Negative Complies
Product Function

1. Inhibits tumor growth and improves disease resistance.

2. Powerful anti-oxidant which extends life, and improves the memory.

3. Neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

4. Help normalize blood pressure and balance blood sugar.

5. Stimulates secretion of HGH (human growth hormone), feel and look younger.

6. Lowers cholesterol, helps with weight.

7. Enhances sexual functions and improves fertility.

8. Supports liver, eyes, kidneys and strengthens muscles and bones.

9. Relieves insomnia, headaches and alleviates anxiety and stress.

10. The Happy Berry is known to promote cheerfulness and brightens the spirit.

Product Application

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is usually made into tablets, capsule and granule to warm the kidney, strengthen the spleen and enhance human immunity.

2. Applied in food field, it is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to  enhance human immunity and anti-aging.

3. Functional food and beverage applications

Packing &Shiping


Shipping Terms
 By Express  By Air  By Sea
 Suitable for under 50KG
 Fast : 3-7 day
 High cost
 Door to door service
 Picking up goods easily
 Suitable for under 50KG
 Fast : 3-7 day
 High cost
 Port to port
 Professional broker needed
 Suitable for large quantity
 Slow : 7-45 day
 Low cost
 Port to port
 Professional broker needed

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1: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost be paid by our customers.


2: Is there any discount?

A: Sure. Prices are closely related to the purchasing quantity.


3: How to make an order and pay it?


A: Proforma invoice shall be sent to you after confirmation of the order is made. We also accept T/T, Western Union, PayPal, if Alibaba online payment system is beyond you.



4:How long can I get What I bought?


A: Small package is sent via DHL, EMS, FedEx door to door service, about 3-5days; A larger package is delivered by air about 5-7 days and by sea about 20-30 days accordingly. 


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