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  Carbomer 941

INCI Name: Carbomer

  Carbomer 941 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer with outstanding long-flow property in mucilage. It offers excellent clarity in gels and gives permanent emulsions and suspensions at low viscosity, even with ionic systems.

Features and Benefits

  lOutstanding long flow property

  lHighly efficient at moderate and low concentration.

  lHigh clarity

Recommended Applications

  lTopical lotions, creams and gels

  lClear gels

  lModerately ionic systems

Formula Guidelines

  lTypical recommended dosage at 0.2~1.5%.

  lTo disperse Carbomer941 completely, it should be slowly and carefully sifted to dispersion medium while the mix is stirred rapidly to avoid formation of lumps; Extremely high shear rate mixer should be carefully employed to avoid viscosity loss.

  lThe ideal viscosity can be achieved at ph ranges of 5.0~10.0; To achieve maximum thickening, Carbomer941 should be neutralized;

  in a hydoalcoholic system, a correct neutralizer must be chosen carefully based on the amount of alcohol to be gelled.

  lAfter neutralization, high-shear and lasting stirring should be avoided to keep stable thickening ability.

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