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The Opportunity Of MCT Oil & Powder Marketing

 The existence of the MCT is truly striking. In addition, with the rise and popularity of the concept of ketogenesis in recent years,

it is common to add MCT to food and beverage. So, who is MCT? Is its function really so divine?

MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride), namely Medium Chain fatty acid, can provide energy for human body.

However, compared with the long Chain fatty acid of common animal and plant fats, it can be metabolized by liver directly into ketone body without passing through the lymphatic system,
achieving fast energy supply. MCT metabolizes in as little as 30 minutes, compared to the complex and lengthy 4-hour biochemical feeding of long-chain fatty acids.

In addition to producing ketone and providing energy quickly, MCT has been shown to help people lose weight, strengthen the brain, fight fatigue and improve insulin sensitivity in medical research.

Specifically, the following four features are most noteworthy:
(1) MCT can be metabolized within a short period of time, so it is not easy to form fat accumulation, and can increase the sense of satiety, thus achieving the effect of weight loss;
(2) MCT can be rapidly metabolized into ketone bodies, which can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide endless energy for the brain. Bulletproof coffee takes advantage of this principle.
(3) MCT can improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue caused by exercise. An experiment published in Chinese grease in 2018 confirmed that MCT can indeed reduce fatigue;
(4) in addition, MCT has many other benefits, including reduced serum triglycerides, improved insulin sensitivity, and so on.

Based on the number of carbon atoms, MCTS can be subdivided into C6, C8, C10, and C12.

The lower the number of carbon atoms, the faster it enters the liver and the better the ketogenic effect.
(1) c6-mct is the smallest of all MCTS, with the fastest digestion and absorption. However, ingestion of C6 will cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even cause severe diarrhea,

so it should be avoided as far as possible. In addition, c6-mct smells bad, so the manufacturer will not add C6 to MCT products.
(2) c8-mct is the most ideal of all MCTS, with higher absorption rate and utilization efficiency than other MCTS, less gastrointestinal stimulation, and no unpleasant taste.

The disadvantage of c8-mct is its scarcity and high cost.
(3) c10-mct has a slightly slower metabolic rate than C8, ranking third, which is also a good choice. But it's not much, either, accounting for about 9 percent of coconut oil;

(4) c12-mct, also known as lauric acid, is the most common MCT in coconut oil, accounting for more than 40%,

but it cannot reach the liver through the hepatic portal vein like the previous three MCTS, so the energy supply is slow and the ketogenic effect is not good

What is the future of MCT?

Since MCT has so many health effects, what is its market situation? What are the applications?
Markets and Markets market data shows that the MCT market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.9%.
By 2026, the global market will reach 913 million US dollars, of which the Asia-Pacific region will be the fastest growing region with the largest share.
Foodaily understands that, so far, many countries around the world have already recognized the safety of MCT.
The United States has approved its GRAS certification (Generally Recognized as Safe) in 1994;
in 2007, Nissin medium long-chain fatty acid edible oil was approved as The first edible oil with weight loss health function in China, it is a health food made from MCT, canola oil and sucrose fatty acid ester.
South Korea also approved MCT in 2009 to reduce body fat accumulation. Health functional food. However, for the time being,

the application market of MCT is mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, with energy and weight management as the main functions, and involves multiple food categories.
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